Period Tracker & Stickers

Help her keep track of her periods in a fun & interactive way.

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  • Brochure

    The kit includes an informative and fun brochure with period and puberty-related answers to questions she may have. This is a quick read to help her understand some of the most frequently asked period related questions and topics.

  • Tracker

    This double-sided period tracker card is fun and easy to use. We have included cute stickers to make this a fun activity. 

  • Stickers

     All she has to do is peel the “Start” sticker and stick it on the day her period starts. Use the other stickers to keep track of her flow and moods. “End” sticker marks the end of her period. On the flip side she can write about her feelings, emotions, cramps etc. to keep a record of her period journey. Super simple!