Heating Pad

Our heart-shaped heating pads will provide gentle heat to relieve period-related cramps or pain. You can place the heating pad on the painful area to get the desired results. It is instantly activated by clicking a small metal disk a few times. The pad can be easily recharged by boiling it for a few minutes for many

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    The heat pad can be used to temporarily relieve pain from cramps and aches. It can also be used as a hand warmer. It heats up to 130℉/54℃. and provides heat for 30-90 minutes depending on use. You can reuse it several times.

    Activate the warmer by flexing the metal disk back and forth until it clicks. The liquid will then start to crystallize and become cloudy. Gently squeeze the heat pad as it warms up to make it soft and ready to use. 


    Step 1. The heating pad will be hard and solid after it has cooled down. It is ready to be recharged.

    Step 2. Fill a pot with enough cool water to submerge the pad.

    Step 3. Place a dishcloth in the pot to prevent the pad from touching the bottom. 

    Step 4. Place the pad on top of the dishcloth and turn on the heat.

    Step 5. Let the pot simmer for 5-10 minutes until all the salt crystals change back to liquid. If crystals begin to form while the pack is cooling, it must be boiled again till the crystals fully disappear. Do not allow the pot to boil dry.

    Step 6. Allow the water to cool before removing the pack. Do not use the pack immediately after boiling to prevent scalding. 


This is not a toy. Not suitable for babies or small children. If this product is damaged, dispose of it immediately. If the contents of the pack come in contact with skin or eye, wash thoroughly with clean warm water. If the contents are ingested seek medical help immediately.